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About Us

Personalized Approach

My name is Jim Gibbs and I have been building homes in the Northern Colorado area since 1986.  I started out framing houses during my summers home from college and after I received my Bachelors degree in Business Finance, and a few years in the insurance industry, I decided to go into the building business full time.  I love what I do and appreciate a job well done.  My customers can count on my being present on their jobs and managing their build personally. 

Excellence and Professionalism 

I pride myself on completing a project above and beyond what my client had in mind.  I utilize quality subcontractors in each specialized trade and work hard to keep a professional environment during the build, including a clean and safe job site.

Insured and Guaranteed

I am a Class A Licensed General Contractor.  I know the building codes and continually keep myself aquainted with the changing trends and code updates that occur.  I provide a one year warranty on my new build homes and I work diligently throughout the project to make sure the customer is happy with the finished product.

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